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This technology is a wearable EEG solution that provides accessible, dependable, real-time monitoring with video in a complete, compact, and portable system. Remote monitoring, durability, duration, data management, and reducing patient intervention are considered when designing this. Neurology Children's Speciality Clinic is always up to date when it is about the latest technology for Pediatric Neurology in Orlando and Central Florida.

Headache and Migraine Clinic

A careful history and neurological exam evaluation to determine the need for diagnostic testing and the best multi-modal management approach. Neurology Children's Speciality Clinic is always up to date when it is about the latest technology for children with headache and migraine in Orlando and Central Florida. You can call us anytime and book an appointment.

Epilepsy and Seizure Clinic

Comprehensive Epilepsy evaluation with state of the art EEG & Video-EEG monitoring; in conjunction with our clinical expertise to plan the best management approach.​ Neurology Children's Speciality Clinic is always up to date with proper treatment for Epilepsy and Seizure in Orlando and Central Florida. You can call us anytime and book an appointment.

Autism Evaluation & Management

​Our neurology services offer Initial Screening Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); Evaluation for Potential Neurological, Genetic, Psychiatric and Behavioral Comorbidities; Strong Referral Connections for Neuropsychology, Psychiatric, Behavioral and Genetic Services; and Researched Local Community Resources.

A.D.H.D / A.D.D Clinic

We are here to help you and your family to find practical solutions and a customized treatment program - all in an active and engaging environment. You can feel confident in knowing that everything we do is backed by our staff of compassionate, highly-trained medical professionals. Neurology Children's Speciality Clinic is the best for A.D.H.D in Orlando and Central Florida. You can schedule an appointment today!

Neurology Children's Specialty Clinic was envisioned as a small, yet dynamic, efficient and accessible Pediatric Neurology Medical Practice. Our pledge is to serve our patients and their families to the best of our abilities; with excellence in medical care.

We are proud to have joined the Orlando medical community. Our main services and specialties include Seizures and Epilepsy; Headaches and Migraine syndromes; Neurodevelopment Disorders; ADHD and Autism Evaluation.

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Recently we have a fantastic opportunity to do our E.E.G ELECTRONCEPHALOGRAM at home. During these uncertain times with covid19 being so contagious we did not have to compromise my daughters immune system whom just turned 3. She has a shunt, seizures and a long medical history of challenges of great magnitude . Her study did have major findings and her wonderful Dr. Germano Falco was able to continue to assess, treat and adjust her medications as needed due to her illness. We were happy to have the option to do her study at home in the comfort of her home. Found the study to be more effective in her natural environment. Hands down would repeat the study at home verses a hospital were she is at less risk of infectious diseases and the spread. The experience did not take away from my needing to attend to my other children. I felt so great not having to neglect the care of my family's needs while undergoing studies and treatment from our home. The absolute very best Doctor alwaysssssss goes above and beyond !! My child was happy during the entire process.

- Jazmeen