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Neurology Children's Speciality Clinic has partnered with Cadwell to bring you cutting edge technology to help you support your children. Schedule your appointment today!

This technology is a wearable EEG solution that provides accessible, dependable, real-time monitoring with video in a complete, compact, and portable system. Remote monitoring, durability, duration, data management, and reducing patient intervention are considered when designing this.

How It Works

1. Day of Test

A highly-trained technician will arrive at your home to set-up the test and video EEG monitoring equipment.

2. During Test

During your video EEG at-home test, the kid will be free to move around your home so that he/she can complete his/her day to day tasks. A registered EEG Technologist will remotely monitor your EEG during the test.

3. End of Test

Once the test concludes, the technician will return to remove the electrodes and other video EEG monitoring equipment.