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Back to School

Whether your child is going to school or staying home, Neurology Children’s is here for you. If you feel your child is falling behind, we can schedule a developmental assessment. Afterward, if needed, our medical staff can assist with 504 plans and IEP recommendations. #neurology #children #family #parents #NeurologyChildrensSpecialtyClinic #medicine #MedicalCare #childcare #excellence #pediatrics #health #4patients


Approximately 1 in 26 People in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime. Epilepsy is a chronic condition of the brain that can be categorized by recurring seizures. These seizures can happen at any place and any time, Want more information? Have any concerns about your child? Feel free to


With Coronavirus cases on the rise again protective gear is more important than ever. Please remember to wear masks in public areas. Masks can provide invaluable protection for both yourself and others. #COVID19 #masks #NeurologyChildrensSpecialtyClinic


We are still open and available to care for our patients and their families. You can call or message our office; access records in our patient portal and set up HIPPA compliant Telemedicine visits. Click this link to learn more #medicalcareforall #excellence #NeurologyChildrensSpecialtyClinic #COVID19